I love Kingston, I love my local community and all the great things that come out of it: art, food, music, events, love, support, inspiration, friends… and it goes on. In 2016 I graduated with my BA in interior design. Since then I have been working at Alexander Wilson Architect Inc., a local architectural firm, as a designer for larger commercial and hospitality projects. Smaller residential and commercial projects fill up my free time (and my new baby girl Zinnia Marie!). I plan to write my exam spring 2019 to become an official registered interior designer of Ontario (aint just picking out colours, we have stuff to study!). 

What better way to put my love for Kingston and my love for design together than by buying a house! An old, unrenovated, downtown gem. It was a stinky, dusty, dark gem, but I’m working on it. And that’s what brings me here to the world of blogging: KNOWLEDGE! Have I ever renovated a house before? Nope. Do I have any idea what I’m doing? Not really. Theory and practice are two separate creatures. But I am learning by doing and I would love to share as much as I can with anyone who’s interested. I am lucky enough to have a great network of friends and family in the building industry, and I don’t know what I who do without their help and advice. I am hoping I can become other’s source for design and renovation. 

One thing that I try to keep through all aspects of my life is honesty. I read a quote once, and I don’t know where it was from and I’m probably breaking a lot of internet rules right now but it read something like “always stick to what you really love, because honesty will always be relevant”. Honest relationships, honest lifestyle, and honest design. I have a serious love for antiques and am a huge advocate for reusing and repurposing furniture. The design and build industry can be quite a wasteful one so I would like to do my best to not add to that. 

So look around. Learn some stuff. And let's chat! I want to learn too! 

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